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The company's core values:

Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise survival and development.Ball valve culture is the core of trust respect, innovation.It is gradually formed in the process of production and the development of culture system.Ball valves with trust and respect for beliefs, with innovation, and constantly challenge for the development of ideas, with can post the status, owning to the talent concept, the development and the value of the individual pursuit of the perfect unifies in together, make every employee in the company of large target at the same time, fully realize personal value and pursuit.

The culture of trust and respect:
Trust and respect for each and every one is our firm belief all along, is the foundation of ball valve development, we firmly believe that the trust and respect of paid what must be the sense of responsibility and sense of mission.The culture atmosphere of trust and respect for each person have a high sense of responsibility, has the ownership mentality, are responsible for their own work.

The courage of innovation, challenging the passion of culture:
Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of sustainable development enterprises.Never satisfied, constantly put forward new requirements on their own, the pursuit to high goals is the power of our progress and development.To adapt to the changes in the environment, the pursuit of higher goals, we need to have the courage to take the initiative to change, welcome, even love change in innovation, change and challenges in the process of high goals, each one of us professional level, organization and management ability, ability to learn to get continuous improvement and progress, continuous formation and strengthen the core competence of enterprise.

Attaches great importance to staff development:
Satisfaction of employees is the starting point and the source of enterprise development momentum.
We attach importance to staff development, not only training him, teach him how to do it, tell him what to do, we are to give him the opportunity to let him try, provide a stage to let him put to good use, provide fertile soil for his growth, let him have the opportunity to work hard, have the opportunity to learn, in the process of hard work and learning to all-round development.

Company vision:

In competition and innovation in the development of ball valves, with advanced consciousness of market, accurate market positioning, market segmentation, first-class sales force and is a comprehensive project management system resources, based on wenzhou local, professional brand.


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